IHGC Executive Committee Meeting
February 12,  2000 (George, RSA)

Information about the hop tour
Meeting report



Information about the hop tour 


The IHGC Executive Committee meeting took place on February 12, 2000 at 9.00 AM in the hotel "Moevenpick Wilderness Resort" (tel: (044) 877 1110, fax: (044) 877 0600) in George within the 10 days hop industry tour in South Africa.

A responsible travel agency for the trip organization: 

"Studienreisen Bock GmbH, Grabenstrasse 23, D-97447 Gerolhofen, Germany. 

Tel:  +49-9382-99850

Fax: +49-9382-99855



This travel agency organized the whole tour including a return flight from Frankfurt (Germany) to Johannesburg (South Africa). 

Dr. Martin Pavlovic



Meeting report


The IHGC had l7 active member countries at that moment. The representatives from the 5 of them (Germany, Czech rep. China, Slovenia and France) as well as representatives from the Hop industry of the host country – Republic of South Africa attended this meeting. After a brief address given by the IHGC Vice-president, Mr. František Chvalovský the following agenda was adopted unanimously:

  1. Appointment of members of the IHGC Executive Committee

  2. Approval of minutes of the meeting in León on Aug.4,1999

  3. The Hop congress 2001 in UK (information)

  4. Discussion about a hop market situation

  5. Sundries

Since the IHGC President Mr. Gregorio García Alonso was not present, the IHGC Vice-president, Mr. František Chvalovský opened the meeting with a short introductory speech and proceeded with the first point of this agenda.


Point 1: The IHGC secretary general made a check of an attendance of the representatives. Since only 5 of the IHGC representatives were present i.e. less than half - according to the modified statute of Poperinge 1993), the quorum was not constituted.


Point 2: The minutes of the León Executive Committee meeting had been sent to all the representatives of all the member countries. There had been and were no comments or supplementary claims by the IHGC members and were in this way adopted unanimously.


Point 3: Mr. Martin Jolly - the representative of the UK submitted once again a written invitation for the 48th – from now on - biannual International Hop Growers’ Convention (IHGC) in Canterbury (UK), scheduled in August 2001. This invitation for the IHGC Congress 2001 had been faxed to the secretary general, who presented it to the audience during the meeting. He also apologised the UK representatives to the IHGC members for not being able to participate this meeting.


Point 4: Since only 5+1 representatives of hop growing countries were present each of them made brief comments about the difficult hop situation in their countries. On the IHGC level there had been again an acreage reduction 1999 for nearly 6% (-3000 ha) in comparison to 1998. The final hop figures for a year 1998 and estimation for the 1999 were enclosed within a table from the Nürnberg meeting to this minutes. Final figures for 1999 as well as estimation for a year 2000 will be collected in April 2000. It was also stressed to continue with a data exchange within the IHGC Economic Commission for a benefit of all hop growers.


Point 5: The IHGC Vice-president presented a proposal of a future new member country – South Africa. Mr. Laurie Conway has formally requested to join the IHGC and expressed his wish to share information and to provide also in a future data from the South African hop industry.

Mr. Ingwiller made a report of some further steps concerning a closer co-operation between the hop growers’ and hop merchants’ organisations. They’d tried to find out common interests as well as ways of future common activities - to achieve for growers better results on a world hop market. Mr. Chvaloský found this work well done and added it would be necessary to continue with these activities on our next meetings in the future. At the same time – according to a decision to have biannual IHGC congresses – some changes in the IHGC Standing Orders should be done.

The IHGC representative agreed with a French proposal to have the next meeting in France, in July 2000.

After that Mr. Chvalovský closed the meeting and thanked to all attendants, interpreters and organisers for a performed work.


IHGC Secretary General

Dr. Martin Pavlovic