IHGC Executive Committee Meeting
July 31, 2000

Information for the meeting
Agenda of the meeting
Minutes of the meeting



Information for the meeting


The IHGC Executive Committee Meeting will take place on 

Monday, July 31, 2000 at 09.00 AM 

in Strasbourg, France.


Please, make a direct reservation of hotel rooms (30-31/7 2000) as well as national hop 

industry data on a new table formular to  the following address:


Mr. Jean-Paul Feldmann

22, rue des Roses, B.P. 81, F-67173 Brumath, France, 

Tel. +33 3 88519898 - 

Fax: +33 3 88511443 



no latter than in April 20, 2000.


It is also planned to have a common IHGC dinner in the evening on July 30, 2000 

at the same hotel as the meeting takes place:



5, rue des Bouchers, F-67000 – STRASBOURG, France

Tel : +33 3 88 76 72 00, 

Fax : +33 3 88 76 72 60


(a single room with a breakfast 430,- Frs; a double room with 2 breakfasts 530,- Frs)




Agenda of the meeting 


          A G E N D A

  1. Appointment of the IHGC Executive Committee members
  2. Election of the IHGC president and Vice presidents
  3. Adoption of minutes of the meeting on February 12, 2000 in George - RSA
  4. Hop growers’ situation of the member countries
  5. Cooperation between hop growers’ and hop merchants’ organization
  6. Congress 2001 (preliminary information)
  7. IHGC activities in the future
  8. Sundries




Information about the IHGC Executive Committee meeting


The IHGC had l7 active member countries at that moment. The representatives from the 10 of them as well as Mrs. Micheline Wauters from the EU attended the meeting.


The IHGC President Mr. Gregorio García Alonso asked Mr. František Chvalovský IHGC Vice president to be in a chair during the meeting. The meeting was opened with a short introductory speech and proceeded with a first point of the agenda.

Point 1

The secretary general did check the attendance of the representatives. Since 10 of the IHGC representatives were present i.e. 10 from 17 (thus more than half - according to the modified statute of Poperinge 1993), the quorum was constituted. The whole list of attendance is attached to this document. From among members present, the following IHGC representatives were nominated:


Australia: absent

Belgium: Eric Lagache

Bulgaria: absent

Czech rep.: František Chvalovský

France: Bernard Ingwiller

FRG-BRD: Josef Schrag

New Zealand: absent

Poland: Krzysztof Kargul

Portugal: absent

P.R.China: absent

Russia: absent

Slovakia: absent

Slovenia: Martin Pavlovic

Spain: Gregorio G. Alonso

U.K.: Martin Jolly

Ukraine: Volodimir G. Romanchuk

USA: Leslie A. Roy

Yugoslavia: absent


Point 2

Since the IHGC congress in 2001 takes place in UK, also a suggestion for the president came from this country. Mr. Martin Jolly was proposed and after that also elected unanimously by the representatives of the member countries as the new IHGC president. After proposals for IHGC vice-presidents, Mr. Josef Schrag (FRG), Mr. František Chvalovský (Czech republic) and Mr. Leslie A. Roy (USA) were again elected for these functions. The gentlemen returned their thanks for expressed confidence.


Point 3

The minutes of the Executive Committee meeting in George - RSA on February 12, 2000 had been sent to all the representatives of all the member countries. Since no comments or supplementary claims had been or were submitted, they were adopted unanimously.


Point 4

Those IHGC modified questionnaire reports of member countries which had been sent to the EC chairman prior to that meeting were also summarized within the usual brochure. Since some of the delegates sent or brought their figures just before the meeting, a new version of summarized figures was planed to be prepared after the meeting. After separate country reports Mr. Feldmann made a brief summary of the IHGC figures. His information will find place also on the IHGC home page. The chairman Mr. Chvalovský thanked for his informative work concerning the IHGC data collection.

As soon as the table with figures had been received to the secretariat, it was emailed within a preliminary meeting information. A corrected version of the IHGC Table is attached to this document.


Point 5

Secretary general informed present representatives about initiatives of hop merchants organization (IHIC), for mutual further cooperation. This was meant predominantly in the field of information management and common meetings organization. A copy of the initiative had been mailed to the IHGC functionaries in May with a wish to develop a discussion in this topics. During a meeting it was stressed again about the importance of the Joint Trade Commission (JTC) especially by information exchange between growers and merchants. It was also found very useful to make common steps by the organization of future congresses. Mr. Jolly showed his interest to include ideas of hop merchants organization during a congress preparation period. It was mentioned during the discussion, that this first initiative had not been concrete enough to develop some further steps of a future formal cooperation. All delegates were asked again by the Mr. Ingwiller to bring their ideas before the next JTC meeting, which will be held on November 14, 2000.


Point 6

Mr. Jolly – as the representative of the UK and also as the new elected IHGC president submitted once again an oral invitation for the 48th biannual International Hop Growers’ Convention in UK scheduled in August 2001. He also did present an invitation brochure with some preliminary information of the congress activities. All hop growers, hop merchants as well as those working for the hop industry were warmly invited to visit England in August 2001.


Point 7

The secretary general presented 2 new official written application letters to join the IHGC. These were from the South Africa (RSA) and from Ukraine. A representative from Ukraine Mr. Romanchuk explained a situation in his country, mentioned that his country had already covered a part of its previous financial debts and promised his active cooperation with the IHGC in the future. The Executive Committee members agreed to enlarge the IHGC with these 2 members. The Ukraine should within a period of 2 years arrange also the rest of its financial debts towards the IHGC.


Point 8

Under sundries Mr. Chvalovský mentioned a fact that on the next congress some modifications of the IHGC Standing Orders – according to future biannual congresses - ought to be done during the Extraordinary General Assembly. These will concretely be discussed on the next Executive committee meeting.

After that he closed the meeting and thanked to all attendants, interpreter and organisers for a well performed work.


IHGC Secretary General

Dr. Martin Pavlovic