IHGC Meeting
November 26, 2001

Information for the IHGC meeting
Economic Commission (JTC)
Executive Committee



Information for the IHGC meeting

The IHGC meeting took place in Marriott Hotel:

München Airport Marriott Hotel,

Alois-Steinecker-Straße 20, 85354 Freising, Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 8161/9666-249

Fax: +49 (0) 8161/9666-255


For the IHGC a conference room for about 40 attendants was available from 13.00 till 18.00. Till 15. October 2001 there have been reserved for the IHGC 30 rooms at a price DM 242,52 (breakfast not included). A Shuttle-Bus till the Marriott Hotel is available for 15 DM/person.

M. Pavlovic



Economic commission (JTC) 

           Economic Commission (JTC) meeting at 14.30

           A G E N D A

           1.  Opening the conference by the chairman of the IHGC EC 
           2.  Report of state members and discussion about a market situation 
           3.  Others



Executive Committee

          Executive Committee meeting at 17.00

          A G E N D A

          1.  Appointment of the IHGC Executive Committee Members

          2.  Adoption of minutes of the meeting on August 9, 2001 in Canterbury, UK

          3.  IHGC Meetings in the future – hop tour 2002

          4.  Sundries




Point 1

The secretary general did check the attendance of the representatives. Since 10 from 20 of the IHGC representatives were present (thus more than one third - according to the modified Standing Orders of Canterbury 2001), the quorum was constituted.


Point 2

The minutes of the Canterbury Executive Committee meeting from August 09, 2001 had been sent to all the representatives of all the member countries. Since no comments or supplementary claims were submitted, they were adopted unanimously.


Point 3

Since the IHGC delegates had shown in Canterbury their intention to attend the Executive Committee meeting and participate in a small hop tour in Australia and New Zealand in March 2002 – the program proposal was prepared by the travel agency MARCO POLO from Prague, Czech republic. The tour program details were delivered to all at the meeting present delegates with a purpose to be informed about it. Those interested in a tour who did not attend this meeting had received it by mail just after the meeting.

The program was issued in German and English version. It includes a very interesting “hop program” – prepared together with national hop growers’ organisations from Australia and New Zealand. In the program there are the two possibilities of flight combination (the only difference), where there a difference in flight costs is marked.


- (02.March 2001 from Vienna – “hop program NZ and AUS” – Kuala Lumpur – Vienna – 15.March 2001) or

- (01.March 2001 from Prague or London – “hop program NZ and AUS” – BangkokLondon – Prague – 15.March 2001).


From a discussion as well as from fax or email confirmation before the meeting it is estimated that about 30 representatives from 10 (of only northern hemisphere) member countries will attend this tour. All delegates were and are asked to look at the program and to inform the IHGC secretariat about the final interest for a participation - no latter than till 15. December 2001. All further instructions about the tour details to IHGC delegates will be made directly by the travel agency MARCO POLO.

Further it was proposed that next meetings of the IHGC might take place in Lublin or Pulawy, Poland (as proposed already in Canterbury, UK) and/or in Strasbourg, France at the beginning of August 2002.

For the 49th congress of the IHGC in 2003 a delegate from Bulgaria Mr. Vladimir Ivanov invited again all hop growers, hop merchants and their representatives to visit Bulgaria.


Point 4

The hop merchants organization (IHIC) had sent to the IHGC secretariat before the meeting a letter of intention for a more active cooperation between hop growers and hop merchants. During the JTC meeting - on the same day - it was also proposed by hop merchants that they or that the IHIC would like to be a member of the IHGC. The president Jolly thanked for an initiative for further cooperation. In a discussion among the growers delegates it was obvious, that there are already 3 JTC meetings yearly – where both representatives could be present in a discussion. It was also stressed that growers provide lots of data on a national level and that they should receive also from hop merchants more detail information about the hop market situation.

The president Jolly proposed that the following topics should be taken in a discussion with the IHIC: (A) Who joins? (B) What do the new members contribute in money and information? (C) We need to have the right to expel members who bring the Convention into disrepute! (D)Should there be only two sub-committees Growers & merchant/dealers? - Meeting together for the Economic sessions as at present? (E) Voting rights at Executive Committee and Meetings of the Congress? (F) Admission of processors, researchers, propagators, etc? (G) Name-possibly International Hop Convention?


It was proposed that (a) a working group consisting of the IHGC president and IHGC secretary general is formed, (b) that the group collects opinions from the IHGC member countries about the proposal within 4 months, (c) that it prepares a proposal till the next IHGC Executive Committee meeting to be discussed and (d) to make further necessary steps according to a solution of the IHGC representatives. This proposal was accepted.


IHGC Secretary General

Dr. Martin Pavlovic