IHGC meetings
 12. November, 2002

 Nuremberg, FR Germany 


           Joint Trade Commission (JTC)

           Executive Committee Meeting

           Proposal for the IHGC Executive Committee 




Joint Trade Commission (JTC) 

Tuesday, November 12,  2002 at  15.00 




  • Introduction 

  • Reports of IHGC member countries

  • Others


Jean-Paul Feldmann

EC Chairman




Executive Committee Meeting 

Tuesday, November 12,  2002 at  17.30 



  • Appointment of the IHGC Executive Committee Members
  • Adoption of minutes of the Executive Committee meeting on August 3, 2002 in France
  • Discussion about changes of the IHGC Standing Orders (new members from hop trade…) - see the proposal on this web site
  • Congress 2003 in Bulgaria
  • Information management in the IHGC (internet)
  • Financial situation of the IHGC (membership fees)
  • Sundries

In 2002 the IHCC had 20 active members. The representatives from the 12 of them as well as some guests attended the meeting.


Point 1: The IHGC President Mr. Martin Jolly opened the meeting in the "Woehrdersee Hotel Mercure", with greetings to all who attended it. He’d proposed the submitted agenda of the meeting, which was after that adopted unanimously.  Thereafter the Secretary General presented the number of IHGC delegates that were present on the meeting. Since 12 from 20 of the IHGC representatives were present  (thus more than one third  - according to the modified Standing Orders of Canterbury 2001), the quorum was constituted. From among members present, the following IHGC representatives were nominated:


Australia: absent, Belgium: Eric Lagache, Bulgaria: Vladimir Ivanov, China (Gansu): Luo XinChao, China (Xinjiang): absent, Czech rep.: František Chvalovsky, France: Bernard Ingwiller, FR Germany: Johann Pichlmaier, New Zealand: absent, Poland: Krzysztof Kargul, Portugal: absent, Russia: absent, Slovakia: Marián Borovský, Slovenia: Martin Pavlovic, Spain: absent, South Africa: absent, U. K.: Martin Jolly, Ukraine: Volodymyr Romanchuk, USA: Leslie Roy , Yugoslavia: absent.


Point 2: The minutes of the Executive Committee meeting in France from August 3, 2002 had been sent to all the representatives of the IHGC member countries. Since no comments or supplementary claims were submitted, they were adopted unanimously.


Point 3: The delegates had again received the copy of a proposal for the IHGC Executive Committee about closer future co-operation of growers’ and hop merchants’ associations. The proposal in 10 points had also been published on the IHGC web site and is being also attached as a hard copy to this document. The German delegation had submitted also a written opinion prior to the meeting, which was also commented during it. They stressed among others an importance of having additional members from the hop trade for obtaining more information. The Executive committee will decide also in the future about every new member of the organisation. The Executive committee accepted the whole proposal and the Secretary general was asked to prepare the necessary amendments of the IHGC Standing orders. 


Point 4: With a special promotion material the Bulgarian delegate Vladimir Ivanov presented again the place and the interesting program of the next 49th  IHGC congress 2003 in Sofia. He promised the delegates among others to have a chance to meet the native brewing industry people as well to have an opportunity to promote national hop varieties of member countries. Additional amount of program brochures with all necessary details would be sent from his office directly to the IHGC delegates.

The IHGC Technical Commission Jaroslav Urban reported briefly about the TC Program during the congress. He did invite again the delegates to collect interesting contributions in the field of hop industry worldwide.  


Point 5: With an intention to improve information management of the IHGC – still stronger use of Internet data exchange was discussed. All delegates were asked to contribute on this matter to make the exchange of hop information still more efficient. It was agreed to make further steps on this topic during next meetings.


Point 6: The secretary general presented the list of the member countries that covered their membership fees 2002/03 in the time before the meeting. These are (according to the time of payment): Slovenia, Australia, UK, France, Bulgaria, USA, Czech republic, NZ, Poland, FR Germany, Slovakia and Belgium. 


Point 7: Next IHGC meetings will take place on April 4-5, 2003 in Paris. No more items have been discussed. 

At the end of the discussion the IHGC President Mr. Jolly closed the meeting and did thank to all attendants, interpreters and organisers for a performed work.



The proposal for the IHGC Executive Committee 

about closer future co-operation of growers’ and hop merchants’ associations


With the intention for more intensive data exchange in a hop industry a workshop between representatives of the IHGC (M. Jolly, M. Pavlovic, A. Cetina) and IHIC - hop merchants association (T. Raiser, J. Grauvogl) took place in Zalec-Slovenia on June 13, 2002. 

The following topics were discussed:

1. According to several initiatives of hop merchants organisation for still closer co-operation with the IHGC – the IHGC representatives on the workshop expressed a common opinion that hop merchants should contribute with their activities to obtain more hop industry data in the future about hop demand by hop merchants and stocks held by processors, merchants and brewers through collecting the data into a special prepared table for the JTC meetings. The merchants representatives promised (1) to create a table of pre-contract quantities with the trade in the most important hop growing countries and (2) to seek the utmost support and information from individuals and trading Companies.

2. It was also agreed that hop merchants assist the IHGC by increasing the membership from countries, that are still not the IHGC members (Austria, Romania, Japan…) with the intention to improve the hop industry data of hop supply on international level.

3. It was proposed by the IHGC representatives that hop merchants and other organisations or Companies involved in the hop industry shall become full members of the IHGC. In this case at least ľ of delegates voting at Executive Committee should approve new members. A future member, who’s behavior is considered to bring the IHGC into disrepute may be expelled (excluded) within the agreement of at least ľ of delegates voting at Executive Committee.

4. A membership fee for the future non growers organizations should be in an amount of about average fees of growers member countries. A subscription of USD 750,- per year is proposed for 2003/04. The Executive committee should refuse unreasonable number of memberships from subsidiaries of any merchant group.

5. Voting system is about to remain – as noted into the IHGC standing orders. Thus (a) for the Executive Committee: 1 member representative has 1 vote, (b) for the General Assembly: number of votes are according to acreage (i.e. amount of the membership fee).

6. The hop trade representatives requested per term of office, one vice-president respectively be elected from the hop trade (it is proposed for IHGC Standing Orders to be amended from 3 to 4 vice-presidents). It was agreed that a representative of a grower organisation should be elected President for the six years of the enlarged Convention after which the position should be opened up to all members.

7. New members have the same rights concerning elections to IHGC committees, hop order awards, etc.

8. It is proposed to change the IHGC name to “International Hop Convention” (IHC). It was agreed that there should be no change to the names of the Technical Commission nor the Economic Commission.

9. As the Scientific Commission has informed the IHGC that they propose to meet separately from the Congress in the future it was not felt necessary to make any arrangements nor agreements in this regard.

10. No binding resolutions were made. If the Executive Committee accepts the proposals outlined above (with any amendments to which the trade representatives agree) the IHGC secretariat will prepare detailed amendments to the Standing Orders to be presented to the next Congress in 2003 for ratification.


          Martin Jolly                                                Dr. Martin Pavlovic

          President                                                   Secretary General