The International Hop Growers’ Convention (IHGC) safeguards the common interests of hop growers and hop merchants. The organisation's structure and rules are stated within the Constitution of the IHGC i.e. (Satzung des IHB). 

In addition, the IHGC Compliance rules represent the guidelines for the association's activities as a precaution against the accusation of monopolistic performance. From the IHGC activities are excluded all political questions as also all questions not concerning the common interests of a hop industry. The IHGC activities are carried out within its working bodies:

  • Executive Committee directs and represents the IHGC. It plans IHGC activities - to convene various meetings, to schedule and to implement resolutions, to admit and expel members as well as to interpret standing orders.

  • Economic Committee to collect and estimate statistics of a world hop industry (hop acreage, crops, alpha-acid production, hop varieties produced, forward contracts, price levels of hops) in member countries (2021, 2022).

  • Committee on Regulatory Harmonization to link the US Hop Industry Plant Protection Committee and the EU Commodity Expert Group for Hops.

IHGC awards every 2 years decorations (Order of the Hop) for special contributions to persons from production, trade, research or administration – who offered their great contributions to a hop industry - being proposed either by IHGC members or its working bodies (2019, 2022).

IHGC issued various Letters of support / Resolutions / Statements (1997, 2008, 2018a, 2018b, 2020, 2021, 2022).


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